Hey guys! Buenos dias, I’m Courtney, and thanks so much for stopping by.

I’m a 21-year-old Ohio native (O-H!) living in Memphis, land of barbeque and grits, music, and well, lots of endearing regional things… besides fitness. Our little wellness community here is not too visible, but we do try, which is one of the reasons this blog exists!
Other reasons are that I do too much reading and dabbling for my own good, and am due for an outlet for all of my fitness ramblings and inquiries, in a place where those subjected to it sought after it and were not imposed upon by me.
I love God and my family and am endlessly blessed, but if I had to pick one Earthly thing above all, it would be fitness. I am a trainer and group fitness instructor,a junkie for trying new things, learning more, getting better, being as well-rounded as possible, and making others happy by sharing with the joy fitness has brought to me by teaching them anything I can offer. In doing so, I have learned so much from others, and hope to do the same from you!
My first experience with exercise was when I joined the cross country team in 7th grade, since I was awful at all other sports. I kid you not, and we’ll leave it at that. Anyway, I joined the team without being able to run a quarter mile, but after merely showing up consistently, I was soon one of the best on my team. Next, I went out for the track team and ran long distance, which, along with cross country, I continue today. Next I tried swimming, with zero success, then Powerlifting, which I loved. I even won a few medals (mostly due to my tiny 16-year-old size and low weight class, but were nevertheless based on merit)! I started going to group exercise classes and doing weight-lifting programs and after moving out-of-state and uprooting completely, I became established as a regular at my local gym, and eventually, others started to encourage me to get certified. So, I did, and what I thought would be a side job to pay my bills while I work on my English degree became my real job. And, here I am!
This blog is my nerdy little place for all of my fitness endeavors, musings, sunshiney moments, and perhaps some trials and tribulations along the way. Thanks again for checking out my page, and I hope you leave here with some satisfaction and gumption for movement!

Certifications: AFAA Personal Training, FiTour Group Exercise

Twitter: @CourtM413

Pinterest: cmorris413


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