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Let Me Brush Off the Dust

Ahoy, everybody! I almost forgot–I have a blog! Just kidding. Every other day for the past long while (two months?) I have mused that I would veg and do a post when I got home, but priorities and procrastination and me being me got in the way… a hundred times. But although it seems to me some days like I’ve done a whole lot of nothing this summer, that really isn’t true. I may not have been doing things I’ve been meaning to do, but I have been up to a hefty slew of things. Aside from working, of course, here is an array of my summer shenanigans, achievements, and how I’ve whiled away the hours:


I’ve been running almost daily now, after taking the whole winter off from running. I cross-trained and as always kept up my plyometrics and indoor cardio, but this year the whole cross-country “senioritis” has been hard to fight off. I have caught myself looking at running the way I have at several other commitments I’ve had–like it’s an obligation that puts me under pressure and even a burden some days. Once something evolves from a hobby/outlet that I do freely into a “duty,” I begin to sigh and think about everything I’d rather be doing. So, I have to remind myself that I like running and how rewarding it is. My favorite place lately has been the Mississippi River, but sometimes I run around my neighborhood in Midtown. There’s a ton of really impressive houses nearby with interesting architecture and storybook-looking yards with rope swings and such.


Of course, I’ve still been weight training, and always will. It is what I crave, especially since it will always be optional!


Sometimes I attempt culinary endeavors. Most of the time they do not photograph well, sometimes they don’t even taste good, and then sometimes they are a complete home-run. I absolutely must make this vanilla-blueberry-cinnamon protein Ezekiel french toast again and share with you all. I ate it way too fast and used my last pieces of Ezekiel bread, though, however, that makes it all the pressing to splurge on fancy bread again and replicate it (for your sake, of course).


The gentleman and I have had a few awesome and goofy date days/nights. Our work schedules are never compatible, so some weeks we only have one night together for a few hours or even just one morning/afternoon. We went to a musical at the Memphis Orpheum, (It was “The Book of Mormon,” I’m sure most of you have heard of it… It was slightly off-putting IMO) where the best part was the cheap champagne. We also had a couple dinners out and strolling for coffee for dessert and deli lunch afternoons on the square, where we popped into the sweets shop and snagged some Jelly Bellies in intense flavors like beer and margherita.


My oldest and dearest friend is now a Mrs! It was a crazy blast from the past going back to my hometown in Ohio. It always feels like we’ve only been apart for a week when we visit. I am having an early-twenties crisis–she is younger than me, too! Plus, another of my treasured women is getting hitched in ten days, so you’ll see highlights from that one, too!


The gent and I also took a…luxurious camping getaway in Middle Tennessee for Fourth of July weekend. I had never been camping before and pictured days without a shower, fishing for food, scraping rocks together to build a fire, and looking like I got chicken pocks from all the mosquitoes. Only the last one came true. The site was really nice and had a bathhouse and a place to get ice for our cooler. I was heartbroken when I found out that you can’t light fireworks in a state park (go figure!), but we actually got to see an incredible city fireworks show in the next town.
20140724-020736-7656312.jpgThese are from one of our afternoon dates; this one was the Memphis Zoo. It was silly and fun, even though it completed downpoured on us. We, being the nerdy animal enthusiasts that we are, would not be stopped by the weather. I wanted to see some animals and damn it my parade got rained on!

And now there’s this. This happened two days ago when the gent and I embarked on an outdoor cardio adventure which included 5 minute running intervals and dropping down for burpees, bridges, walking planks, etc. I made it a block before I came down on my ankle funny and it grew to the size of an orange. But, it is the same ankle I sprained last year and is exponentially better, even in just two days. After not being able to put my foot down at all the day it happened, I was elated to be able to walk on it with a limp yesterday and barely any limp today. The spin bike felt amazing and didn’t hurt at all. I’ll give it a week and evaluate how soon I can make up those burpees!

And that’s about all, folks. I’ll be back soon to post some exercise demos, fresh intense workouts, and as always, lots of wit!

How are you all spending your summers? On what adventures have you gone/will you go? Have you tried any awesome or not-so-awesome new types of exercise?


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