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Meltdown Maintenance

Today I had a lightbulb moment. One of those weird personal epiphanies that occur to you in the shower or while you fold laundry. You know what I’m talking about.

I know, I know. Complaining is fruitless and can never solve its causes. But, sometimes when life is kicking my ass, complaining is like being unfaithful to my diet; it gives me guilty pleasure… followed by guilty pleasure. But after taking two steps back, I really want to am getting my shit together. That’s taken a bit of reaquainting myself with myself. I promise I’m not that crazy. Just an anxious, inefficient college kid.

But, I don’t want to be the way I’ve been for a while. So. I have a somewhat corny, but likely highly effective strategic exercise. An attitude adjustment technique, if you will. When the going gets rough and I need to check myself, (which would ideally be daily, but let’s be real) I am going to do four things. These four things will prove that I did not waste my day, as I often feel that I do, indicate that I am, in fact, improving the world in some miniscule way, progressing as a human being, and hopefully sending some good vibrations your way, too. I want to make it a habit to share:

1. Something I learned. I am a true believer of the cliché that “we learn something new every day.” Today, it was that Tylenol PM does NOT wear off in 6 hours, beware of oversleeping and STILL waking up completely at 3 AM. Also, Willa Cather’s My Ántonia is excellent.
2. Something I did for someone else, no matter how small. I will try to make it significant, but I will not beat myself up if it isn’t. I know some days we just get caught up and the day flies by without our minds ever pausing. But this is meant to be a positive activity, not another way I can not “measure up.”
Today, I made a leg routine for my friend and sorority sister who wants to get in shape, and she in return got me out of bed to get to the gym before class. I also got a York Peppermint Patty and some mint chocolate chip-flavored Extra gum, my personal faves, for my unique coworker, who was as elated as a kid on Christmas.

3. Something I did for myself. Not a lot, just something small and nice to keep up the perk. Today, I did not succumb to my sweet tooth and have a smidge of chocolate here and a handful of cereal there. I have eaten 100% clean. I am trying to quit sugar 95% of the time. I think I can, I think I can.
4. Something I am thankful for. My Mom always told me to count my blessings. I do have a gazillion that go unacknowledged, but I think 365 a year sounds sufficient. Today, I am grateful to have a job where I can help people learn the tremendous value of nutrition and exercise. I had 20 people come to my kickboxing class and give it 100% effort with smiles on their faces and grunts of effort tonight! It makes me so happy so see people interested and ready to make positive changes to their lives, and to be able to be a contributor to their success. I also am very fortunate to have the opportunity of higher education and a family of inspiring influences.

I am definitely not trying to seem patronizing or “holier-than-thou.” I’m really just trying to pull myself out of a rut and I’m hoping that anyone who has personal meltdowns on the daily can see that he or she is not alone in his/her trial and strife. If anyone reads this, feel free to participate and comment with your four daily pleasantries, too!

In other news, I got my derrière out of bed este mañana and did an exceptionally satisfying workout. Here it is:

Warm-up/ mini-cardio sesh–20 minutes on the EFX, incline 20, first 5 minutes gradual increase in resistance starting at 8, didn’t go higher than 13; each song I varied intensity, going quicker on the chorus, matching the beat, etc.

Shoulders and Abs–my fave! Yes, I really do bring little slips of paper to the gym with me. And a clipboard. And my gloves!


4 sets: (I did drop sets-start with heavy weights, rep until failure, drop it down at least one time and rep until failure again~5-10 reps each weight)

Tri-set-Arnold press, barbell front delt raise, bent-over rear delt fly
-steep incline crunch between each set

Tri-set-Behind the neck barbell military press, barbell upright row, side cable lateral delt raise
-plank with alternating shoulder taps b/w sets

Tri-set-Cable rear delt fly, machine shoulder press, standing straight-arm pull-downs on the lat PD machine
-planks with side knee crunch b/w sets

Finished off with 15 minutes on the EFX and left feeling like a boss!

*I am kind of in love with my pre-workout. A coworker of mine recommended VPX N.O. shotgun, which has 14 grams of protein and makes me feel ready to conquer in the gym, even on leg day.

I hope you all have had a fantastic week! Bueno fin de semana! That was probably wrong. But TGIF!



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