Whoop, here it is: 2014!

*Obvi, I wrote this several days before it was posted, and since then, Memphis has joined the rest of America in the Arctic temperature trend. However, that only serves to highlight the pleasantries described in my NYE recap.

Today it is far too beautiful and sunny to be January 1st, but I will totally take it and am not dismayed over the lack of winter in Memphis. Furthermore, this is the first year of my life begun with champagne (and a protein bar, of course), Forrest Gump, a significant other that won’t make me want to vom someday, and fuzzy isotoner slippers and I think that is the best possible commencement for 2014, or any year of my life thus far, for that matter. I slept past 7 for the first and likely only time this year, then watched the killer whale documentary, Blackfish on Netflix and had two giant mugs of coffee in a Beatles mug. Yes, yes, and yes. 1-1-2014 was number 1, indeed.

I usually make far-reaching, poignant New Year’s resolutions and forget about them before the end of January in lieu of all of the obligations in life on the front burner, like the rest of the world, so this year I am going to make just one official resolution and have some smaller goals to meet that end. I feel like this way it won’t make me feel like a failure and will give me a few measurable ways to show myself I am closer to greatness. So, my one simple, personal New Year’s Resolution is to spend this year continuously becoming better than I am right now. By “better,” I mean more like the person I want to be and less like I have a LOT of work to do in a LOT of avenues. I have some goals that I will work toward as much as is in my power to keep me a-rollin’ down this road, including (but probably not limited to):

1. Using my education to get an education, not a degree. For my last three college semesters, I do obviously have to complete my degree, but I have been on cruise control far too much in college lately and need to remind myself to learn something from each and every class; to be present, not in space. One of my teachers, my French professor, specifically, told me that I am “always in the clouds.” Je suis desole, et je veux gagner beaucoup avec mon temps a l’universite. I hope that wasn’t entirely incorrect if you are reading this, Professor.
2. To stop trying to juggle a million things at once and half-assing most of them. I need to downsize my workload and kill it, instead of trying to do “it all” and being mediocre at each of my commitments. I am not yet proud of myself and my accomplishments with my already-full plate–college courses, my sorority, cross country team, my jobs, my boyfriend, my family, and above all else, my faith. But, I have a separate goal for faith.
3. To put God first, always and forever, all the time, every moment. To pray about all my stressors and blessings equally, and to spend a significant portion of each day in prayer, in the word, reflecting on the astounding amount of blessings I have, and helping others see their own. Goal: pray every day, several times, read the Word at least once a week, and think of whether my actions will honor The Lord.
4. Of course, I have fitness goals. One being that I don’t skip cardio anymore, which I plan on preventing by having a different mode planned each day. I will share the funsies and not-so-funsies I do with you all in case you need some workout ideas, too. Another goal I have is to always, always have good form and avoid zoning out and getting sloppy in my execution. I want to monitor my nutrition much more efficiently to support my goals, rather than just to eat healthy overall most of the time, and to re-learn portion control. If you don’t use it, you lose it! Okay, I admit, I have some vain goals, too: I want to develop lot more definition in my back, quadriceps, glutes, and abdominals. Goal: daily cardio, perfect form on exercises, no cheating on diet except one or two small splurges on Sundays, and an intense, regular program with a focus on definition.

So my goals are now out on the table. Don’t be afraid to call me out and keep me in check in the comments if you notice slip ups!

My latest workout to share:
Yesterday was leg day for me. For the past long while I have been doing legs on Tuesdays and Fridays, but I am going to switch that up and do them Mondays and Thursdays now, since I will be teaching kickboxing Thursdays and thus can’t skip my cardio when my grueling leg routine is finished.
I did a couple sets of sissy squats holding a 25lb plate, bodyweight lunges, and stretches, then jogged for 10 minutes on the track for my warm-up. The workout was:
superset, 4 sets–backward smith machine lunge from step (95lb and then 105lb,10 reps each leg)
glute-ham raise from the lat pull-down machine (12 reps and you can find a demonstration from Erin Stern here)
dynamic side lunges (10 reps each leg)
Superset, 3 sets–
Goblet squat (feet shoulder width, 60lb dumbbell, 12 reps)
Smith machine Stiff-leg deadlift (105lb, 12 reps)
Kettlebell swings (20)
*my lower back started to really hurt during this superset. I intended to do 4 sets, but resolved to finish this workout on machines with lower back support. Ouch.
Circuit, 5 sets–
Leg extension (80lb and 15 reps the first set, 90lb and 12 reps the second set, and 100lbs and 8-9 reps the last 3 sets)
Lying hamstring curl (50lbs for 15 reps the first set, 62lbs and 10 reps the last 4 sets)
Calf raises on machine(60lbs and 18 reps the first 2 sets, 80lbs and 12 reps the last 3 sets)
Abductor machine (90lbs and 15 reps the first set, 100lbs and 12 reps the second and third sets, and 110lbs the last 2 sets)

After this, I called it a day and went home, but I should have done cardio. Hence one of my goals!

in other news:
I have a new job! I have been an employee at a new food shop in Memphis for a few weeks. Check out the websitehere if you live in the Memphis area! It is a seriously nifty concept–you can order a week’s worth of pre-cooked, pre-portioned, fresh, CLEAN food, and it will be delivered. Or, you can stop in and grab a meal or snack or the whole day’s worth of eats. I can’t wait until I can get my own meal plan there–it would be so nice not to get groceries or cook in college and still eat immaculately in college.

Have a fabulous and fit day! I hope you all are safe and warm today–it’s even pretty arctic in Memphis! Ciao!


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