Fitness / Workouts

Total Body to the MAX

10-20 minute Warm up: 1 mile run, stretch quick, 2 sets 15 push-ups, 15 body weight squats, 15 walking plank(plank position and drop down to each elbow, then come back up to straight arms, one at a time; down to left elbow, then right, back up to straight arms left and right)

*as fast as possible, with little to no rest, try to finish in 50 minutes or less:

Giant set-8 reps each, 2 sets, move quickly from one exercise to the next:
Dumbbell bicep curl
Arnold press
Upright row
Front lateral deltoid raise

*run 2 laps

Giant set-12 reps each, 2 sets:
Push-ups (elevate feet on ball or bench if possible)
Tricep dips (add weight plate or dumbbell to lap if not challenging)
Bent-over barbell row
Barbell bicep curl

*run 2 laps

Superset-2sets, 20 reps each:
Leg raises with light dumbbell between feet
Sit-ups on incline bench
Mountain climbers

*run 2 laps

Giant set- 2sets of 20 reps each:
Dumbbell deadlift with 15lb dumbbells
Dumbbell lunges
Dumbbell bench step-up
Dumbbell squat

*run 2 laps

15 minutes hard cardio sprints-run, bike, arc, or jumprope

Repeat sit-ups, leg raises and mountain climbers 2 more sets

*cool down


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