Fitness / Workouts

Spinning and Plyometric Spectacular

Spin Bootcamp Workout

10 minutes spin warm up; comfortably ride for 3 minutes at effort level 4-5, minutes 4-10 increase cadence and add a resistance turn every minute or two; the goal is to get the heart rate to the target zone

Floor exercise circuit:
5 minutes AMRAP 1: 25 squat pulse, 10-20 side-step/walking push-ups, 20 side lunge jump
5 more minutes AMRAP 2: 15 burpee long forward jump, wall sit with 15 front dumbbell raise, 10 Side plank hip drops each side

10 minutes spin intervals; 1 minute fast, 1 minute moderate

10 minutes AMRAP 20 low fw/bw jump, 8-10 side walking plank, low jumping jack, 10 bicep Curl/shoulder press/tri extension combination

10 minutes spin; 5 minutes brisk ride, 5 minutes cool-down


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