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Mama said there’ll be days like this.

There’ll be days like this, my mama said. I know I’m not the only one with an appreciation for oldies pop and I will break the ice and admit it. I also considered calling this post “we get knocked down. but, we get up again. Ain’t no Monday gonna keep me down.” Yes, I do feel a little more out of style every day. Especially during my nanny gig last summer, when I lost a lot of popularity after suggesting Sesame Street and Arthur as the day’s film showings instead of Shake it Up and Phinaeus and Ferb. Bert and Ernie have been replaced.
So, I do proclaim that yesterday was ranked in the bottom quartile of days of my life. I don’t even feel inclined to share the build-up of seemingly minuscule but apparently extremely day-ruining series of unfortunate events. I won’t put you guys through it. mostly because recording them in writing will just make me feel like a crybaby. But, it is now over, and today is not yesterday, and I feel fine.




How could I not?

I am fully prepared to prevent Tuesday from becoming the new Monday. The agenda includes:
1. An “extreme cardio” class, for which I am currently about to lace up my shoes. I even have a workout buddy with which to attend. (In case you were wondering, I almost ended both of those sentences with a preposition and had to erase. You’re welcome.)
2. Cleaning my car. An “After” photo will follow. I will conveniently forget to share my shameful “Before.”
3. Something crafty. I’m thinking I’ll either make earrings (I have a bunch of stud posts from a craft store that I ambitiously bought a long time ago), magnets, or maybe something to wear on the Fourth of July. I will admit that I enjoy themed holiday outfits.
4. Cooking for my family, who just got back home from their weekend on a houseboat.

I’m already pumped just picturing my shenanigans. I’ll let you know which (one) of the things I actually complete today. Number 4 will be one of them. And okay, number 1.

Some things to cheer you up if your day was as bad as mine yesterday:


Cut those from our garden! My Aunt’s dahlias.

Red, white, and blue lemon bars. I actually included orange and lime juice, too. So, triple citrus bars. The recipe is from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, which has never steered me wrong. Ever.

Do me a favor and have yourselves a wonderful day. Until later, all!

“Make improvements, not excuses.”


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