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“Blogs are for old people; get a life!” Says my cousin…

Hey, guys!

Let’s catch up. It is now summer, in case you haven’t heard, and I am no longer inhabiting my cinder block dormitory and live back home with mi familia, working the most glamorous of college summer day jobs–for a cleaning service**–to supplement my personal training and aerobics classes,
**update since I started this post: I do not work for a cleaning service anymore. I did try to tough it out, but made half as much money as I need, got lost driving to many of the jobs, spent over half of my earnings on filling my gas tank, and had a few snafus with the office, all in the time span of two weeks. I really had to just accept that the position was wrong for me and pray that other opportunities came knocking so that I can scrounge a substantial income this summer to pay tuition. Which has, in fact, miraculously happened. The stars aligned for me, and as soon as I quit the cleaning service, my mailbox at the gym filled up with registration forms and patrons started coming up to me while I was working out to ask about how to sign up for personal training. Even better, I have picked up another kickboxing class to teach at another gym, have been able to sub several other classes, (including my FIRST spinning class as an instructor, and I may have a new fave, or tied fave with kickboxing!), plus I have a few new clients to train. I’m really looking forward to having longer-term clients so that I can observe their progress with them, whereas I usually get to train each individual for about five sessions and then they’re off to keep it up on their own. So, someone is most definitely watching over me.

I have me a spiced-up program to stay lean, but strong, while I start training for running season. One of the older trainers at work jotted it down for me. I am loving it so far, and I hope to have quick 6k times for my college team while still maintaining my muscle mass. I wanna prove it’s possible! My program is (flexibly) based on this format:
Day 1–Chest and biceps
Flat bench/barbell curl
dumbbell incline bench/dumbbell bicep curl
“Pec deck” machine or cable chest flyes/concentration curl or another “wild card” bicep exercise
Day 2–Shoulders and Legs
some leg routine or another, which is always supersets that include walking lunges (or double lunges), leg press, straight-leg deadlift, leg extension, leg curl, glute-ham raise, pistol squats, plie squats, abductors, and the like. I pair them according to my mood or anything I’ve been neglecting lately.
Shoulder press/upright row with either dumbbells or barbell
Shrugs/rear deltoid cable flye
Front dumbbell straight-arm raise/side raise
Day 3–Back and triceps
Wide grip pull-up/tricep dips
Seated cable row/tricep push-down
Narrow grip pull-up or chin-up/tricep push-down with rope attachment

-every day includes some form of an ab routine; I alternate between heavily focusing on crunch moves for upper abs one day, leg-raising movements for lower abs, and twisting ones for obliques. On chest day, I do straight-arm barbell pull-overs in my ab routine, and I like to do a wide variety of barbell twists, barbell swing, stability ball or ab wheel pikes, plank side knee crunches, machine cable crunches or decline bench weighted crunch, et cetera.
-I do some cardio every day except Sunday, or try to. If I don’t have time to do a cardio session, I try not to feel bad, since I always warm up for my weight training with a 10 minute jog or arc machine. Sometimes I run 2 laps between each superset or drop down to do some burpees and mountain climbers or box jumps. Sometimes I do a circuit from after weightlifting and before my ab workout, or just plain old 20-30 minute run or Arc machine. My favorite cardio is spinning as of late.

In other news, I returned from a trip with a handsome man yesterday evening from Hot Springs, Arkansas. The trip was truly excellent. Everything went according to our plans and was an all-around blast–the drive, the short theme park lines, dinner at an adorable restaurant, “Granny’s Kitchen,” the nature trail we trekked, and the weather was perfect for water slides. I am one heck of a blessed woman!


Fro-yo to go, yo.

My dinner from Granny’s Kitchen, after I’d scarfed the cottage cheese and given some guy part of my grilled onions. The pecan cobbler looked amazing and heart-stopping.

But, this is why I don’t take very many pictures of what I eat at home:

Romaine lettuce cup/fold-overs with ham and spicy mustard with delectable protein powder gruel with a handful of oats. Hideous, but mmmm.

Okay, I might be a little proud of this one.
I should have taken a picture of the boyscout-style “hobo packs” that my family and I made for dinner–which were chicken breasts with chopped veggies and marinade+spices. Mine had avocado, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions with Old Bay.

I’m about to be gushy. Life has been great to me lately, and I am a big, happy cheeseball.


I’m off to read some Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton (like you didn’t know that!), relax, and get up with the sun, per the usual with my cruel internal clock, and run trails with one of the local high schools’ cross country teams in the morning. You guys have a great nerdy novel couch potato night, hear?

P.S. I came across Danica’s blog today, and gave her “about” page a read. Turns out, she has had very similar circumstances and experiences to mine in her life. It was pretty crazy. Give the girl a read, her blog’s great! Ta-ta for real this time.


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