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The Easter Bunny Brought You A Circuit

You know the feeling that you’ve done nothing with your entire weekend, when really you’ve done a ton, but have nothing to show for it? This weekend left me with that very feeling. And I have enjoyed every minute of it. Have you all had a happy Easter?

Here are a few of the goings on of my “done nothing” Easter break, because, surely you all care, right?

-Fell asleep while watching many a movie (and never finishing them), I.e. the story of my life, which include The Fighter, a serial killer movie on Netflix about Dahmer, and October Sky

-Taught kickboxing and Trekking, which more people attended than usual, despite the beautiful weather and their opportunity to do cardio outside (I teared up a little)

-went to brunch at Barkdale’s hole-in-the-wall diner on Cooper (those in Memphis, you are missing out and paying too much if you regularly go elsewhere for brunch, oh, and I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of what I ate, but we’ve all seen oatmeal with bananas and raisins, and egg whites with tomatoes, right?)

-went to the Memphis Zoo for the first time “for real” (my cross country team used to run there and through the zoo on “free for college kids” Tuesdays, but I’d never actually experienced the exhibits) and petted stingrays! One of them sucked on my hand, and being ridiculously afraid of nearly all animals except dogs, I had to refrain from making too much of a spectacle of myself.

-went to work with my bench press champion Aunt at the wellness center, where she suggested I try their Zumba class, which I will never get certified to instruct–Although the class was great, if you’d have seen me, you’d understand. I looked like, well, a kickboxer trying to dance Zumba

-did some yard work with my cousins and Uncle in the good old post-sunshine bliss Memphis rain

-had an early Easter dinner on Saturday with the family

-participated in the family Easter egg hunt, during which I found only three eggs, but was very pleased with my fortune in spite of that


-did all of the things one would assume that I’d have written first, such as attend an Easter Sunday church service, veg and snooze, read Muscle and Fitness Hers and Oxygen and Jurassic Park at Barnes and Noble with my cousin as he drank cream soda and enjoyed his new action figure, which was bargain priced, of course. We are winners, after all. Veg and snooze, eat, repeat.


Told you I did nothing.

But at least I got around to planning my college class schedule, making laundry soap, and pinning all of the expensive make up that I will be splurging on in the near future and similar big girl tasks.

My Aunt gave me the recipe. You just mix a cup of borax, a cup of baking or washing soda, and a cup of Castile powder or ground Castile soap bar. Easy and cheap; why did I ever buy pre-made laundry soap?

Tomorrow, I will be teaching a circuit training class, and if you all want to try the workout I have on the agenda at home, all you need is some medium-weight dumbbells, a mat, and a stability ball (although you can get by without the ball, and if you don’t have any equipment you can simply repeat the first part of the workout wit body weight only, instead of doing part two). Here ya go!

Circuit (April) Fools Day Workout

Warm Up:
-5 minutes; we usually use the Spinning bikes, then stretch everything; this’ll be total body
-50 body weight squats and 2 sets of 20 slow push-ups, on your knees or not; it’s still warming up the muscles you’re about to work with resistance

Part One:
1) Walking lunge with dumbbells across the floor (or twelve repetitions)
2) 25 mountain climbers (each leg, or 50 total)
-repeat 1&2
3) Low-stance (sumo) forward jump across floor (or about ten repetitions)
4) 20 push-ups (holding onto the dumbbells for a challenge)
-repeat 3&4
5) burpee-forward leap across floor (or about five repetitions)
6) 6-7 Ab-splitters, which I love and ripped off from ZuzkaLight, whom you should checkout ASAP
-repeat 5&6

Part Two:
1)30 Squat-side kick
-high knees across the floor&back
2) 12 stability ball dumbbell chest press, 12 dumbbell chest fly
-high knees across floor&back
3) 20 sumo Deadlift high-pull (a la Crossfit; you can also find a demonstration here)
-high knees across floor&back
4) 20 crunches (with or without a dumbbell on chest), 20 leg lifts (with a very light dumbbell between the feet), 20 Russian twists each side

-cool down cardio for 5 to 10 and stretch out!

I never know how long these workouts will take beforehand, or whether we can finish them in the hour allotted for my class, butI will let you know how long each part took the class after we do it. In the meantime, you should time yourself and post your time in the comments section if you do it too!

Tomorrow is shoulder and cardio day for yours truly and I will post what I did for my shoulder weight routine for you guys also.

Truthfully, it has been a wonderful Easter, and I am profoundly blessed. Do remember what Jesus has done for us this day, and I hope you all celebrated and stuffed your bellies in reverence.


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